You don’t have problems

You don’t have problems, you just think you have problems. 

You don't have problems, you just think you have problems

Problems. What is a problem? A situation that apparently has no solution.

How strange … Life can create situations without solution?

A problem has a beginning. It’s generated at a specific time and fulfills some commandments.

We don’t usually like it.

We usually concerned about it.

It generates anxiety, even confusion.

It presents a new, unexpected situation that, because it’s unknown, is considered an enemy.

However, like every earthly element, problems have a beginning and an end

And that end compiles an infinity, yes, an infinite number of solutions. Because problems are nothing more than new situations that arise to wake us up to consciousness.

They offer us the opportunity to redirect our lives. To fulfill our dreams. To own our moments.

They indicate the points in which we are stuck, the attachments that we can abandon, the fears that we can accept.

No tienes problemas: libérate de tus miedos a través del mindfulness

In the local market of a country village, a mother and her daughter walked through the food stalls. On their list were a series of ingredients that they had to buy to cook on this family day.

They wished, fervently, to find some bright, shiny, red apples. Their idea was to make a delicious apple pie, the favorite of the dad.

However, when they got to the fruit shop, there were no apples left. On the wooden post stood, a little ripe, mountain pears.

The daughter, frustrated, felt a wave of panic all over her body. His expectations had vanished with the summer wind. His mother, wise and observant, gently stroked his shoulder and whispered, calmly:

“My dear, don’t let the outside drill your insides. These rotten pears are a blessing from heaven. Welcome them with love and joy because they will fulfill their mission. “

Words of kindness in moments of uneasiness. 

That day, mother and daughter made, with much love and affection, a delicious pear cake with touches of cinnamon. Surprised at the novelty, his men tasted it with astonishment, and exclaimed in unison: “What a delightful surprise!”

You don't have problems: mindfulness and inner love

Novelty nourishes us.

The unknown reveals new possibilities, previously unapproachable, that allow us to live a fuller and spontaneous life, more peaceful and rich.

Worrying about things that will never happen is the most common illness in our society. However, you don’t have problems, you never had them, and you will never have.

Because problems don’t exist. Life has never created a single problem. Only the individual, with a frightened, separated and uneasy ego, creates problems.

It’s you who generate your worries, your headaches and perceptions.

Be also you who decide to use them in life as lessons of growth.

As situations to gain confidence and work self esteem. 

As new worlds to explore, hidden secrets to reveal.

“No one is afraid of the unknown because anyone is able to conquer everything he wants and needs. We are only afraid of losing what we have, whether our lives or our belongings. But this fear ends when we understand that our history and the history of the world were written by the same Hand “.

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