What is the ego?

Discover what is the ego: an “I” of illusion.

What is the ego

Sometimes we wonder who we are. What are we doing here. What role should we play in our society. What we want. What are we looking for. And we quickly respond: we are this or that, we belong to this social group or to that one, we were born in this country or in the other one, in such year or another … And the ego has reappeared.

Yes. The ego. That voice in your mind that doesn’t stop talking. That exhausting chatter that we believe to be us.

The ego is the sum of many concepts. The ego is a story that began at birth and will end at death. It’s a set of rules and conventions dictated in childhood, is the sum of memories and experiences of the past. Traumas and nostalgia. Customs and traditions.

We could call it character. But it’s much more than this.

It’s the vast field of unconsciousness, where everything you see and hear, everything you touch and smell, everything you interpret is stored. To form a gray and dense cloud, which disturbs us.

The ego is the multiple voices in your mind. An incessant dialogue that you can’t stop. A constant load of energy that weakens you.

It’s the word in your mind, the emotion in your body, the feeling in your spirit.

When we live fully identified with the ego, we believe that the feeling that comes unannounced, the emotion we feel without reason, the phrase that appears suddenly, is our self. We believe that we experience the events, that we are the desires. We get lost in the world of the mind, we submerge ourselves in the storm of unconsciousness.

The ego: an illusion of the mind

However, we are able to know what we are thinking. We can even vocalize it. How can I be able to speak of a thought, if in fact I think I am that?

Because you’re not that. You are not your thoughts. You are not your mind. You are not your story. You are not your body. You are much more than all that. You are the silent witness that contemplates the moment, the quiet thinker who creates every thought. You are the eternal consciousness that creates existence.

The origin, the course and the end.



You are a cloak of light and love, timeless and abstract, creative and contemplative.

You are the entire cosmos.

You are the breath of life.

And for that, you can see your ego. You can reeducate it, with compassion and love, with patience and wisdom. Contemplating every thought, watching every emotion, witnessing each feeling.

Without identification or opinion. Without resistance or fight.



Make all this be as the sky. Cotton clouds that appear a moment, sail in silence and disappear in the universe.

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