Walking through nature

Walking through nature, the path to happiness.

walking through nature and vineyards

Nature has a magnetic power, hard to explain. Its stillness and temperance draw us; its warmth and strength captivate us; its splendor and ardor overwhelm us.
It awaits, somewhat hidden, incommensurable secrets and powerful mysteries. Innocent enigmas, ready to be revealed to the most inquisitive, the most contemplative and quieter humans. It embodies the most perfect and simple personification of the immense cosmos; the clearest and most direct metaphor of intense life.

Walking through nature becomes, for the most awakened sages and the most curious explorers, an authentic spiritual healing. A sensory experience, ludic and unhurried, vivid and temperate.

walking through nature and its flowers

Its colors are a gift for sight; its scents a charm for the smell. Its sounds, a joy to the ear, its textures a present for the touch.

The nature dominates, with mastery and art, the gift of impassibility: it maintains, in the heat of the sun, a calm countenance. It succumbs to the torrential rains, without complaint or fear. It abandons itself to the shivering cold with lightness and acceptance. Suffers the glow of the storm, with humility and patience.

Walking through nature transmits us, in a subtle but penetrating way, a different energy, which appeases our temperament, placates our anxieties, calms our mind, and connects us with the moment. Vibrations that sweeten our fears and palliate our desires. Waves that mitigate our expectations and neutralise our perspectives.

walking through nature and its beaufitul paths

Its quiet essence, its peaceful nature and its flexible character filter through our pores, navigate our veins, penetrate our barriers. Walking through nature tempers, little by little, our breathing, delights us with its prayer, and relaxes us with devotion.

We notice how we lighten and open ourselves, how we create space in our interior. How we dilute, little by little, all the fears that have dominated us, all the projects that have disappointed us, all the desires that have enslaved us, all the losses that have stripped us.

It immerse us in the purest and most vital space and time: the present moment. Unique and eternal, palpable and penetrating, powerful and valuable, loyal and earthly, real and spiritual. The only one worth living; or rather, the only one in which we live.

Penetrating it, compassionately and tenderly, with curiosity and without fear, with diligence and patience, is the authentic way to obtain the trophy that we all want, the true miracle that we all seek. It is to return to being who we really are: mortal beings and immortal souls, emotional individuals and changing characters. It’s to return to our origin and beginning, to our birth and our death: to the nothing more peaceful and spiritual, lighter and immaterial.

Walking through nature is the path to happiness, the route to truth.

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