Vegan nutella smoothie

Try this delicious vegan nutella smoothie and remember your earliest years.

Vegan smoothie of nutella recipe

Childhood is a time filled with innocence. The memories are sweet, the moments magic. The surprises are abundant, the news important.

During that time, we gave to each thing its fresh and new character. We became fully involved in the games, concentrating our attention at every moment. We loved animals, we were embellished by nature.

We were pure and innocent beings, intelligent and intuitive, living without ailments.

That purity and freshness, clarity and indolence are part of our nature, and if you still don’t know how to feel it again, this smoothie will help you.

We all have memories of childhood, and one of them is, undoubtedly, the sweet taste of the nutella. That cream of soft cocoa with hazelnuts radiated our mornings. With fruit, slices of bread or simply with the spoon, it was our reward of the day.

This delicious and creamy vegan nutella smoothie will amaze you with its flavor, make you weep with stupor and take care of your interior.

Vegan nutella smoothie recipe:

Vegan nutella smoothie and its benefits

This vegan nutella smoothie is very easy to make. Simply put in a bowl:

  • 2 whole and ripe bananas,
  • 4 dates previously soaked for 1 hour,
  • 8-10 hazelnuts previously soaked for 12 hours (the amount will depend on the intensity of taste you want and its texture more or less crunchy),
  • 2 small spoonfuls of pure cocoa

If you want, you can add a slight touch of vanilla. I use a vegetable protein powder derived from the peas of Foodspring brand.

And you simply have to beat all the ingredients until it’s a thick and dark cream. If you want it to be more liquid, you can add a half cup of vegetable milk (hazelnuts or almonds, for example).

Why do we soak the hazelnuts for 12 hours?

Both nuts and seeds have anti-nutrients, elements that don’t allow us to properly absorb nutrients. Nuts are foods with an infinity of benefits that can only be absorbed through their activation.

To activate them, we simply have to soak them for 10 to 12 hours, in very clean water, at ambient temperature or even hot, and with a little splash of lemon or vinegar.

The benefits of vegan nutella smoothie:

Vegan nutella smoothie, healthy and sugar-free

This vegan nutella smoothie is a real source of energy.

  • Because of its high content of B vitamins, it cures fatigue and anemia.
  • It strengthens muscles, bones and prevents ramps thanks to the potassium and magnesium of banana, and the calcium of hazelnuts.
  • It improves the digestive system, facilitating the absorption of vitamins and minerals, and favoring the excretion of toxins.
  • It balances the nervous system, reducing mood jumps or appeasing exacerbated emotions.
  • It enlivens the mood and improves the quality of sleep.
  • It is a powerful source of antioxidants that prevent the aging of your body and flood you with memories.

“This vegan nutella smoothie transports me to my childhood. It appeals to innocent memories. Moments of pure happiness, that I want to experience again. Each sip nourishes my body with energy and fosters my joy. It strengthens my muscles and bones, allowing the correct movement of my body. It balances my inner nerves, increasing my contentment and improving the quality of my dream. I savor every moment while the sweetness, creaminess and freshness of this concoction honors my past. Feed the child that is within me, the pure being that is in me”.

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