Vegan kale pesto

Discover the incredible taste of vegan kale pesto and follow a healthy diet. 

Vegan kale pesto sauce recipe

The body is a precious treasure, a wise element that sustains our material life, and allows us to be in the earthly world. It’s a powerful mechanism that offers endless possibilities, many of them unimaginable.

Millions of reactions occur in the same second. Transformations and conversions that sustain our life in the world.

Each cell is unique and indispensable, intelligent and moldable. The cells of our body live in harmony and weave, together, the rugged and complex loom that is the body. They are capable of sacrificing themselves if the moment dictates. They elaborate their work with diligence and much love, with consecration and compassion. They are flexible. Learners in constant change and evolution, servants of growth and intuition.

In them is the history of life. The inexhaustible record of an entire existence. The millennial wisdom of consciousness. They are guardians of an infinite memory. Wives of active attention.

Therefore, and for the mere fact of existing, they must be revered. Honored. Valued.

Eating fresh and natural products, following vegetable diets, practicing spiritual exercises, curing pains and regrets are ways to take care of our cells. To bless these gems.

Cooking vegan kale pesto is a very healthy practice.

Vegan kale pesto sauce: plant based diet

The kitchen is a practice that, guided by wisdom and orchestrated with joy, heals your wounds and keeps you alive.

The conscious elaboration of your meals avoids diseases and guarantees a long life.

Vegan kale pesto is a healthy and ecological alternative that delights your senses and protects your body. An Italian sauce that cures your sorrows and nourishes your strength.

The sweet taste of the pine nut and the oily texture of macadamia nut are used as a base and combine with fresh basil leaves, spinach sprouts, a bunch of kale, a spoonful of nutritional yeast, half garlic and a large olive oil jet. I like to add a touch of lemon and a dash of apple cider vinegar.

Simple. Fresh. Natural.

An authentic medicinal cure. A powerful and ecological antioxidant.

Vegan kale pesto brings numerous health benefits, including:

  • It guarantees the correct formation and repair of the body tissues, due to its high protein content.
  • It provides a large amount of calcium, essential for strengthening bones.
  • Is a source of iron, an essential mineral responsible for transporting oxygen to the blood, for example. Its absorption is facilitated by the adequate intake of calcium.
  • It has a high content of omega 3 and omega 6, essential fatty acids that nourish the brain and provide energy to the body.

Vegan kale pesto is not only a source of healthy goodness, but its different components also help each other to facilitate its absorption, increasing, by this way, its efficiency and collaborating with diplomacy.

In addition, this vegan italian sauce combines with numerous dishes: vegan pastas, whole rice, all kinds of grains and legumes, vegetables and fruits.

I have combined this vegan kale pesto with brown rice, to which I added a little pepper. “Al dente” and very tasty, I accompany it with leaves of spinach, red cabbage, raw peas, white onion, fresh grapes, whole broccoli, hemp seeds and a stream of oil.

“This vegan kale pesto is a magical treasure. Without violence and love, without pretension and with compassion, it takes care of my organs. It prevents multiple discomforts, promotes universal health and well-being. Friend of animals, lover of vegetables, strengthens my bones, regenerates my tissues, nourishes my brain and takes care of my body. Respectful of the environment, kind and intelligent, it penetrates to my cells that work diligently”.


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