Wake up with a vegan breakfast

Enjoy the first moments of the day with a delicious and nutritious vegan breakfast.

A vegan breakfast

The first flashes of dawn offer you the tranquility and quiet, the time and space to make a vegan breakfast, with parsimony and attention, with gratitude and devotion.

The silence floods you with its renewing magic, the stupor embraces you with its affectionate calm. The first gestures are essential, vital. Awakening at dawn to create, with your hands, a vegan, colorful, magical and healing breakfast is an earthly luxury that can become a true spiritual moment.

When there is only the sky, the sea, the food and your creativity, come up delights that nourish your body and clean your spirit.

As the sun rises from the darkness of the night, which colors the sky with pale colors, light pinks and a bluish gray, the body begins to wake up at the morning call.

Cooking a vegan breakfast, with your own hands, is very important to completing the spiritual circle. Focusing attention on each gesture, thinking about the origin of each food, understanding the contribution of each ingredient conform healthy habits to include in your daily routine.

Combining fruity flavors with plant textures and whole ingredients, conscientiously and meticulously, uncovers surprising results, involves authentic taste travels, offers delicious combinations.

Vegan breakfast: avocado toast with fruit salad and banana smoothie

A good vegan breakfast contains all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that life has. It’s a set of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.

Sprouted rye bread is a good choice on this occasion: it keeps the properties of the cereal intact, offering the most valuable part of the germinated seed. Endless source of vitamin B, it stabilizes our nervous system, calms our mental cravings. It also has vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, perfect for rejuvenating the inner organs and the tissues. It contains vegetable proteins and fiber, essential elements to ensure the correct functioning of our body.

To the germinated bread we have added an unctuous mexican guacamole, made with ecological avocados, lemon and salt. Ornate with fresh cherry tomatoes and corn, or nuts and dried apricots, the result is, at the very least, very tropical.

An authentic treat for the palate. A real nutritional treasure.

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