Discover the power of mindfulness

Discover the power of mindfulness: learn to stop and observe with consciousness. 

The mindfulness

In modern times, speed governs society. Instant messages, answers to the moment, uncontrolled reactions, automated actions … The frenzy has been established in the world, and few are those who manage to escape.

Living fast causes great havoc in our bodies and our minds. The speed makes impossible the calm, distances the quietness, fosters the restlessness. We are in constant movement. We don’t leave space between the moments.

Our mind works constantly. Non-stop thoughts arise. Therefore, we are unable to identify them correctly and kindly.

The greatest suffering of the human being is to not find answers to that suffering. Suffering without knowing why. Suffering without understanding the cause. Suffering without finding a teaching.

If you don’t stop, how can you correctly identify and interpret what is actually happening? You are simply looking without seeing. Blinded by a storm of ideas and thoughts, images and projects, which hinder calm and attention. They keep you away from the stillness and relaxation.

However, the problem has an easy solution.

You just have to be able to want to stop. If only for a moment. Putting all your attention into your breathing. In the flow of air as you inhale, in the ethereal instant of expiring.

Stop and be. For a moment. In inspiration and expiration.

The power of mindfulness
When we pause a moment, the energy field of compulsive movement is appeased. Thoughts continue to come and go, but we are no longer in them. We can observe them and look at them with kindness and serenity. Without opinion or judgment.

In this space of mindfulness, of inner stillness we perceive the authentic life. Life in its greatest splendor.

We are able to observe reality. And to act kindly.

When we reunite ourselves with life, we create a space of harmony. When we stop and contemplate, we begin to feel the love within us.

The power of mindfulness is wonderful. To be able to restore to each entity its most elemental sacredness, to feel that each object is unique in the universe is the principle of enlightenment. To feel yourself in the object is the beginning of spiritual awakening.

Use your attention to be the union.

Life arises from the attention of your consciousness.

Create a life full of joy and happiness.



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