The moment is now

Make of this great truth, your eternal reality: the moment is now.

The moment is now: the power of the present

The moment is now. The moment is now. The moment is … only now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Only now. In each inspiration, behind every expiration. Now.

An unscathed truth, which however, many forget. Life is only now. You only come to life in the now.

The primordial dysfunction of the human being, on which all present problems are governed, is the surprising distance from the now. The total disconnection with the present moment. The sickly neglect of life.

We’ve forgotten what it really means to live. What it is to be. What it is to love.

We have become individual entities, with personal interests that make us suffer. Many humans live unconsciously. Watching the hours pass, the days succeed, waiting for the happiness that will someday fill us forever. A happiness we always see in the future, and we never bring to the present.

We live in the era of egoic “I”. An “I” that we define through our possessions, our desires, our fears. An “I” conditioned by the past. Anxious for the future. An “I” blinded by the outside, separated from its interior. An “I” that denies the most fundamental truth of life: the moment is now.

When you stop identifying yourself with objects, both physical and mental, you begin to heal your inner self. To detach yourself, gradually, from the outer elements. Beginning to guide you by the demands of your interior.

You create a space of stillness and peace, of serenity and consciousness that the mind can never grasp. A haven of light, completely abstract and without concepts, indescribable and silent.

You’re back. To be you, really. A being of union and love, without forms or words, without judgments or intentions. A place of reception from which unification arises. You become what you have always been and you will always be: life. Simple and peaceful. Authentic and infinite.

Pure Life.

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