Learn to live with the change

Mindfulness to live with the change.

The change

The change scares us. It makes us shiver. Change means ignorance, uncertainty, confusion. By its unknown character, we deny it.

However, and although we don’t want to see it, everything is change. We are always in change. We live in change. We are the change.

Each gesture is a change, each word modifies something. It is unavoidable. Life is a constant change. The day gives way to night, and the clear sky clouds, inexorably.

Change is one of the most vital rules and deeper truths of life. It’s inherent to life. Is the life. When we understand that all that exists is change, we notice that everything is transient, including our own existence as mortals on Earth.

We realize that, because of its ephemeral and final character, each thing is unique and at the same time perishable. Every situation passing, every feeling evolutionary, every sensation brief. Every though insubstantial, every opinion relative. Everything is as it is in the moment that is, but everything stops being in the moment that is no longer.

That is why it is wise and intelligent to learn to live with change. Learn to be change.

The change and the mindfulness

Learn to honor each thing, know how to venerate its transitory character, and abandon our attachments to it. Because we cling to things, which don’t really exist, images etched in our minds that will probably never happen again or have never happened.

The objects that surround us, the people that cross us, the landscapes that parade before our eyes are sporadic. They are passers-by like us. They are true miracles that will never happen again, and therefore they must be honored with our full attention. Life does not ask for anything more. It’s pure change for you to cease to do and to appear, and begin simply to be one with that change, with that myriad of subtle modifications, that make of your life a sea full of treasures, an ocean full of diamonds, a life full of miracles, a frankly sacred existence.

The mindfulness will be who guides you during your trip to the present. During your sacred stay in a large and soft, open and relaxed space, in which everything enters and leaves, everything dies and reborns, everything changes and evolves, without harm or pleasure, without hopes or fears. When you simply are, you use your full attention in feeling what is, in being what is happening. And you understand that life only asks you for that: to be one with it.

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