Sun-Dried tomato pesto with quinoa spaghetti

Make an original and completely vegan pasta with sun-dried tomato pesto.

Sun-dried tomato pesto with vegan pasta

The sun-dried tomato pesto is a delicious variant of the original pesto. A naturally salty and spicy, vegan and healthy sauce. It’s ideal to season vegetable pastas, brown rice and original salads.

To prepare quinoa spaghetti with raw vegetables and this sun-dried tomato pesto is ideal for a proper nourishment, and for enjoying a vegan meal. The salty creaminess of the sauce completes, perfectly, the fresh taste of the raw vegetables, and adds savour to the quinoa spaghetti.

Why quinoa spaghetti?

Highly praised and consumed by the indigenous populations of the Andes, this grain possesses an endless supply of essential nutrients for the correct functioning of the body.

  • It’s rich in proteins of high biological value. Proteins determine the shape and structure of cells, and orchestrate almost all vital processes of the organism.
  • It has magnesium, an essential mineral to relax the muscles of the body.
  • Source of Omega 3, is perfect to appease the pain caused by moments of stress, anxiety, depression or insomnia.

Sun-dried tomato pesto sauce

What does the dried tomato pesto bring me?

  • Rich in iron, dry tomatoes prevent anemia, a disease that causes fatigue and muscle weakness.
  • Mineralizing and detoxifying, dry tomato has a diuretic effect on the body. This reddish vegetable is ideal for purifying the body.
  • Possessing large amounts of Vitamin C, it’s an ingredient that encourages and facilitates the absorption of iron by the body.

How do I prepare this vegan pesto?

Making sun-dried tomato pesto is easy and fast. Simply combine dry tomatoes with basil leaves, garlic powder, pine nuts or natural pipes, and a virgin olive oil. Grind it until it forms a thick and fragrant sauce. And enjoy its unconditional taste.

The body is our greatest treasure during our stay on Earth. Our only duty, as lively and wise beings, is to care for and pamper this miracle of Life. To give back to Creation its procreative character. Practicing a diet with full attention.

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