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Slow food to live a life full of health and joy.

Slow food and mindfulness

In modern times, frenzy and celerity are normal attitudes. Acceptable behavior, even praiseworthy.

Yes, we are frantic and very restless. We love multitasking, we can not hold the breath.

We are the prey of doing, the enemies of being.

Our mind is always in movement.

Concentration escapes us, loneliness lifts us.

We are not able to be alone. To simply breathe and contemplate. Be and observe. See and listen.

The greater intelligence that exists on this planet, the wisdom of the body and the memory of the universe perform one thing after another. Paused and gradually. Without hurry or pressure. With love and precision.

To live a life full of abundance, magic and inspiring, surprising and joyful is in your hands. You simply have to stand for a moment and watch carefully. To see in every thing its sacred and ethereal character.

Slow food is a therapeutic practice that anchors you in the present, that heals your soul and relax your mind. It is a slow and deep process, relaxing and comforting.

Each food has a secret power. Its vitamins and minerals make of it a medicinal ingredient that should be considered. Observed. And appreciated.

Conscious cooking begins with an attentive, moderate and serene acquisition. Touching, feeling and smelling the freshness and delicacy of products with color and flavor is very rewarding. Extremely comforting.

To give thanks to life for offering these healing delicacies. Washing them, rinsing them, perceiving the different textures of food is surprising and always different.

Cut, chop and combine with consciousness and intelligence. Vegan cuisine knows the benefits of food, mixes it with wisdom and generates authentic explosions of color, taste and smell. It is witty and very creative. As a healer with his plants and secrets, vegan cuisine combines the love of life with the most imaginative intuition.

Slow food: vegan wakame tagliatelle with vegetables.
Slow food, vegan feeding and mindfulness

The wakame tagliatelle are carbs made with sea kelp. These plants of the sea possess, in their DNA, an ancient memory. Therefore, they are a true nutritional jewel, an extraordinary source of vitamins, but especially of minerals.

  • It is rich in calcium. It protects the bones and prevents the degeneration of these in the well-known and feared “osteoporosis”.
  • Mineral salts abound within. Rich in iron and potassium, it is remineralising and revitalizing. Ideal for people who make great physical efforts.
  • Its high content in vitamin A, C and B1, B2 and B3 make it a real antioxidant miracle, an immunostimulating component. It facilitates cellular regeneration and effectively combats any free radical.
Slow food: recipe of vegan wakame tagliatelle with vegetables.

Its particular flavor combines perfectly with any type of vegetable.

I have cooked these tagliatelle “al dente” (3 minutes), and I have added extra virgin olive oil. Its smooth and slippery texture fits seamlessly with the buttery and fresh greasiness of avocado with roasted sesame seeds (essential natural fats). The crunchy structure of kale and raw broccoli adds a more dry and vegetable flavor (vegetable proteins). The fresh and sweet taste of the cucumber and the mango add color and a more fruity touch. The pumpkin seeds complete the contribution of Omega 3, while the silky character of the black olives perfects the surprising taste of this green salad.

“This delicious seaweed dish protects my bones against the passing of time. Revitalizes my body and protects it against evil beings from the outside. It is a great purifier that cleans me from the inside and balances the different areas of my nervous system, contributing me more tranquility and serenity. This vegetable bowl contains all the essential nutrients my body needs: it balances the input of carbohydrates, essential natural fats and vegetable proteins. It is a multivitamin and also mineralizing salad: it harnesses the healing power of nature to nourish my body and protect it from disease.

I thank heaven, earth, water, fire and wind for forming these ingredients. By creating them with this form and this flavor. I feel grateful, not only for having them, but because when I ingest them, I feel the power of the earth within me. I feel one with them, because they are the ones that bring me life. Energy. Health. And joy”.

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