Raw vegan food: the art of uncooked eating

Discover the raw vegan food, an easy, simple and really delicious cuisine.

Raw vegan food and the mindfulness

To achieve proper and healthy nutrition is essential to incorporate, in our daily diet, raw vegan food.

Feeling good with yourself is the first thing that leads to the purest and more peaceful happiness. When you begin to listen to your body, to feel your body and all the processes that occur in it, something changes within you. The body is one of the entrance doors to the wide and eternal space of union. Source of wisdom that treasures the miracle of life.

Therefore, it is important to make your body a true temple. Take care and value it, nourish it and love it.

Raw vegan food is a good choice to serve your body with honor. Ingesting all kinds of raw foods and without having succumbed to any kind of cooking, is the greatest good you can do for your being.

Not only do you take advantage of the innumerable benefits of each food, but you also accept life as it is. You open your arms, wide and secure, and you receive all the secret magic that awaits nature. You feed with the goodness of everything around you, you appreciate every tiny part of your creation.

Raw vegan food: brown rice salad with curry and guacamole

Raw vegan food is easy and simple, very tasty and nutritious, colorful and very beautiful.

A guacamole salad with fresh corn and curry, spinach sprouts, purple onion, broccoli and apricot, sunflower and sesame seeds is an ideal choice to indulge your palate. The tropical flavor of the guacamole melts in a perfect union with the curry, creating an explosion of fresh and oriental flavor, different and original. The trunks of broccoli crackle while chewing, and the sweetness of the apricot fills you with its springy taste.

When you deposit it in front of you, it is important to meditate on all the elements that have worked in your favor and have offered you this flavor. Give thanks to the sun to the water, to the earth.

To the life, which offers you its pleasures and takes care of you.

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