The present moment

Let yourself be carried away by the present moment.

The Present Moment

The present moment. A simple and perennial term. A regular and impermanent expression. A trivial prayer full of spirituality.
The present moment seems simple and obvious, boring and futile, uncomfortable and empty. Our ego drives us away from it, constantly, projecting us into an uncertain future, or transporting us to a conditioning past. It expels us of the now. We are immersed in a fictional reality replete with: worries, desires, anxieties, fears, expectations, illusions, hope…

Our ego locks the door that allows us to access to the present moment, for fear of dying.

For fear that its exigent nature, polyvalent, radical, extremist, divisive, subjective, individualist, multifaceted; in reality undefined, fades. Dies. Disappears.

For fear that the person we believe we are, will be diluted. That figure we represent in society, that role we play with the others, dissolves, as a drop of water in the immensity of the sea.

The moment present and the nature

That character that we believe solid and consistent, is, in fact, fragile and flighty. It’s a cluttered and eclectic pile of multiple attitudes, several stereotypes, different archetypes.  An unreal and insubstantial image, to which we cling to consider it solid and sure.

One morning we are the most fortunate beings, the next day the most unhappy humans. One day we love everyone, that same afternoon we are terrified by all them. How is it possible that that being is who we really are? How can this inconstancy and temperamental celerity represent reality?

Because, in fact, they are nothing more than fiction, figuration and a simple hallucination. We live by a fragile and delicate image, brittle and unreal, thinking to find security, commodity and confidence. But, is it possible to find the balance in something so frivolous and subjective? so circumstantial and insubstantial?

The present moment will be who shows you the reality. It is the one who points to the truth. It will be your teacher in the path to the essential, your guide, in the path to the truthfulness. It is the door that introduces you to the truly vital, the basically natural. Your faithful companion, your most powerful ally, your wise counselour.

It’s the only place you can cling to, the only place you can contemplate, the only place you can react, the only place you can act. It’s the space that welcomes the pure reality, the vital essence, the instant in action. The now is who gives us the true comfort, who guarantees us the true confidence. It’s, in the present moment, where we find peace and stability, calm and serenity, love and compassion. Always penetrable, eternally permanent.

But to feel its immense generosity, to touch its indescribable power, to receive its pure magnanimity, we must be willing to let us go. To get away from the fictitious truth. To settle in the uncomfortable doubt. Annihilate us again and again. Leave us completely. To explore the confusion constantly.

To relinquish us frequently. To strip us lovingly. To observe us compassionately.

In this way we can feel the soft and tender side of not knowing. The flexibility and surprise of not thinking.

The moment present and the tropical nature

We enter in a soft and welcoming space, comfortable and carefree, peaceful and quiet, ample and universal. We become fragile beings to the inclemency of life, light figures that flow through nature, free entities living with simplicity. Living beings that die and reborn, humans who break and recompose themselves.

We perceive the infinite openness and eternal balance of the present moment. The deep secret of the existence. The true dimension of presence.

In the now, and forever.

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