Pear pesto with kale salad

Discover the fresh sweetness of the pear pesto, a fruity, light and healthy sauce.

Pear pesto with kale salad

Being vegan requires discipline and courage, imagination and risk. Being it not only implies improvements in personal and universal health, but from the vegan cuisine arise original and creative, surprising and unexpected culinary inventions. Like this delicious pear pesto.

The sweet taste of the fruit is magically coupled with the fresh basil scent, soft pine nut texture and strong oil flavor. A sweet pesto with light salty touches, ideal for seasoning colorful salads, whole rice or vegetable pasta.

Pear pesto sauce

The benefits of pear pesto:

This Italian sauce, adapted to vegan cuisine, offers numerous health benefits.

  • It regulates the intestinal flora, avoiding the constipation and purifying the body of its toxins.
  • It has a diuretic effect, so it helps to remove fluids and detoxify the body.
  • It strengthens the immune system.

Pear pesto is a super vitamin sauce that provides energy to the body, without containing malevolent fats or empty calories. It is rich in essential fatty acids, perfect for caring for the cardiovascular system and the brain health.

It’s not only a medicinal cure. The pear pesto is eclectic: it adapts to numerous dishes, providing freshness and sweetness.

Pear pesto with rice whole salad

I like to include it in raw vegetable salads with cabbage, broccoli, onion, grapes and pumpkin seeds.

Pear pesto in vegan salad

Or in brown rice salads with dried apricot, zucchini, onion, pine nuts and raw broccoli.

As I savor every bite, I practice conscious eating. I feel the changes that take place in my body, the positive energy that is intruding in me.

“Pear pesto is a magic sauce that purifies my body, strengthens my defenses, nourishes my intelligence and fosters love. Its sweet taste with vegetable touches refreshes my palate, marvels my stomach, and feels good to my body. A preventive dressing that harmonizes with life, respecting and venerating it, taking care of it and loving it “.

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