Purple vegan almond cream

Discover the medicinal benefits of the vegan almond cream with walnuts and blueberries.

purple vegan almond cream

Becoming a vegan means many things. Huge health benefits, benign environmental bounties. It symbolizes a strong respect for the life, a sweet admiration for the nature. It requires effort and work, strength and choice, creativity and spontaneity.
From the imagination and courage of a young woman comes this unctuous and crunchy, sweet and salty, foamy and consistent vegan almond cream with walnuts and blueberries. A natural violet butter, which surprises with its delicate aroma, and delights with its fruity flavour.

This vegan alternative dazzles with its color, seduces with its smell, and fascinates with its taste.

Almond butter with walnuts and blueberries has multiple healing powers, and enormous health benefits.

It properly nourishes the brain, protecting cognitive system. It guarantees an improvement in the analytical capacity of the individual, and strengthens the concentration and the memory.  It’s a natural magical substance, which reinforces the bones, heals the teeth, and prevents infections in the bladder.  

For having large amounts of iron, this natural vegan almond cream, dilutes, gradually, the anemia and its consequent weakness.

vegan almond cream natural

This sweet almond butter, free sugar and completely natural, respects, with love and affection, the nature, doesn’t make an attempt on animals’ life and reverences, with gratitude and devotion, vegetable goodness.  

The vegan almond cream with walnuts and blueberries embodies the miracle of life:  it contains the ardor of fire, the freshness of the rain, the warmth of the earth and the lightness of the wind.

vegan almond cream with a fresh salad

When incorporated in colorful salads, baked slices, dried fruits or whole grains, I meditate about the greatness and magnanimity of this natural and nutritional substance. I practice mindful eating.

“This vegan almond cream nourishes, in a healthy and affectionate way, the brain, reinforces the bones and dissolves the weakness of the body. By ingesting this natural substance, I show a respect and an unconditional love for my own being, for all the organs that support me continuously, that serve me faithfully, that love me generously. I protect my life, take care for the nature and veil for all living beings on the planet. I act in full harmony with a new, deep, spontaneous and healing power. I begin to live in harmony with the majestic balance of the unlimited cosmos, with the infinite wisdom of the only life”.

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