Mindfulness and eating


Make of your meal an eulogy to life

Mindfulness and eating: the way for healing oneself

Mindfulness and eating must coexist in perfect union. The practice of mindfulness is indispensable to follow a healthy diet. Understanding the nourishment of each food and knowing the origin of each ingredient is fundamental to fully enjoy it.

At present, society eats mechanically. Without seeing what is on the plate, without tasting what is “masticating”. Masticating, or rather devouring. Not fully enjoying the moment. Eating watching TV, reading or writing, walking or running, talking or working … Today, we are not able to pause and focus solely on food. We are not able to admire what we have on the plate. We are not able to honor and love it.

Mindfulness and eating should go hand in hand. If we want to live many years. The mere fact of eating a healthy dish doesn’t guarantee you a healthy result. The question lies not only in what you eat, but in how you eat what you eat. In how much gratitude you feel by chewing a bite. In how much marvel you perceive savoring a dish.

To be able to absorb all the goodness of a food, all the vitamins and minerals that it offers, you must be very conscious. And chew carefully. 30 times.

Be present in each mouth movement, be present at each ingestion.

Fully enjoy the explosion of flavor. The combination of textures. The intensity of colors. The delight of smells.

Thank the person who made the food. Because from within came the sincere desire to honor you and take care of you.

Give thanks to each ingredient, because in its belly are vitamins and minerals that prevent diseases. Nutritive elements that feed your body.

Because in the end, we are dependent on nature. We live thanks to her. The least we can do is honor and love her, protect and take care of her.

Combining mindfulness and nourishment is the first step towards healing. A universal cure, because the energy that comes out of that combination is pure passion. Healing passion. Kindly passion.

Passion for life.

Mindfulness and eating: vegan quinoa salad

This vegan salad with vegan sour cream is a real burst of taste that pleases the stomach and respects the environment. In it are the freshness of the rain, the warmth of the sun, the energy of the earth, the lightness of the wind.

It has sprouts of cabbage and green cauliflower, turmeric quinoa and dried apricot. Cucumber and sour cream. Squah pipes and hemp seeds.

A fresh and respectful salad that serves as a preventive medicine. A vegan and colorful salad that promotes unity.


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