Mindful eating

Mindful eating: the natural path to personal well-being.

What does mindful eating represent for me?

mindful eating ant its benefits

I recently had the occasion to read a book titled “Savor”. It’s not coincidence if this blog retakes the same concept to create one of its axes. It tries to honor with humility and great admiration the idea developed throughout its pages: the incommensurable wonders of the mindful eating. New concepts developed with care by wise people.

I don’t pretend to position myself as a nutritionist, registered dietician or doctor; don’t intend to report on food from a professional perspective, since I have neither studys nor sufficient knolwedge about nutrition, and don’t desire to direct this blog into something serious and professional. I confine myself to cover deeper issues from a new perspective, bringing my personal touch.

Food is for me a passion, a hobby, a universe that fascinates me, whom I worship with pleasure and delight. The vegan diet has opened up a world full of agreeable and unheard surprises. It has stolen my heart, my mind and my soul. It has changed my physical and psychic life.

In my everyday life I practice vegan food, source of multiple benefits, respectful with the environment and advocate for equitable ethics.

Since i have adopted this new lifestyle, combined to the practice of mindful eating, I have noticed an exponential improvement in my personal well-being and spiritual balance.

For me, mindful eating is the sum of a few principles, which, indeed, take time, but once adopted as habits, they bring immesurable, personal and universal benefits.

Principles of mindful eating

It’s being completely present in the moment when you decide to cook, eat, chew and swallow.

Choose healthy foods for the body, and kind to environment.

Opt for ingredients that reverence the vegetable treasures of nature and its affection for us.

Use foods that don’t harm the lives of animals and don’t participate in social imbalances.

It is to be thankful for the availability of food, the richness and originality of their combination. The pleasure and delight in every bite, the benefits and advantages of each piece.

It’s eat, smell, feel, bless and understand. Share and live. It’s savour the cosmos; it’s glimpse its eternal and ubiquitous presence.

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