Mindful cooking: purple almond cream with walnuts

Practice the mindful cooking and elaborate a sweet  cream of almonds and walnuts, with love and affection, with gratitude and grace.

The Mindful Cooking: purple almond cream

Cooking is not only limited, to meeting and processing food to ingest and satiate the body. Cooking is much more than that.
Mindful cooking means to show respect for life. Praise the wonders of universe. Protect the health of our body. Feed the soul with optimism. Purify the bellicose mind.

The mindful cooking places you in the moment. It anchors you in the present. It establishes you in the reality. In front of you, are unfold many ingredients, various cooking utensils and multiple ideas. Every movement is important, every thought relevant.

In mindful cooking, we can open our mind, and let all life, present in the living foods that we are going to cook, penetrates in our interior. We can be aware of how fortunate we are by the disposition of all that surrounds us, and understand the miracle that supposes. A miracle that not everyone can experience… That is why, it’s essential to be honest and cautious, and to use, only, what we are going to consume. In this hungry world, it is always better less than more.

To make this purple and vegan almond cream with walnuts, we have to dispose, on a wooden board, all the nuts. Previously baked to expel their sweet aroma and add a toasted touch to the cream, we grind, with parsimony and slowness, each of them, until it is a fine and white powder like the snow.

“By slowly smashing nuts and almonds, I thank almond and walnut trees. Who have been hydrated by the rain, embraced by the warm rays of the sun, fed by the fertile land, and supported by many living beings. I thank the collector, who has carried out, with effort and affection, a beautiful work. The transporter, who has carefully taken them to the store, and to the seller, who, with a smile, has packed and sold them to me”.

This soft layer is beaten along with a stream of vegetable drink (I often opt for soy milk, which gives a touch of vanilla flavour), agave syrup and eight small blueberries.

“By beating these natural ingredients, I practice the mindful eating, based on products of plant origin, completely natural, that respect the environment and preserve life. I elaborate this unctuous sweet, healthy and wonderful almond cream, that feeds my body, optimizes my thinking, and nourishes my soul. I am aware of the miracle of this work and the availability of such food in my life”.

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