Be love with mindfulness

Abandon your hopes to begin love quietly, genuinely and kindly. 

Love the life

Since childhood we have been taught to do. To build. Plan. Project. To dream. Imagine. Idealize.

However, they forgot the most important part. They forgot to teach us to be.To merge with the moment, and breathe through every pore of our body, feel every tiny movement, hear the stillness of silence.

They forgot to tell us how fragile we are. Energetic beings supported by the ephemeral breath.

They forgot because we are more than that. We are the smallest thing in the world, and the biggest thing in the universe. We are the sun and the moon, the sunrise and the sunset. We are the good and the evil, the pleasure and suffering. We are everything, and at the same time, nothing. Because, first of all, being is only being. Without judging and opining, without specifying or remembering. We are the peaceful stillness of the silent witness. The deep goodness of unified and eternal, serene and resolute energy.

Love the life with mindfulness

When you realize that waiting is painful, that life is only the instant, you start being free from worries. You become as light as the wind, flexible as the sea, powerful as fire, kind as earth.

Wait means to be blocked, without acting or perceiving, without being. It’s an interesting point that allows you to wake up to the purest relaxation. To a feeling of total union. To unconditional love. To transcendental wisdom.

Give up hope to be the temperance. Abandon action to be compassion. Let yourself go to be One.

From childhood we were taught to want. To have. To posses. To control. To manipulate. To attack. To govern.

However, they forgot the most important thing. They forgot to teach us to love.

To accept as is, the present moment, the person in front us. To love, without ties or pretensions, without interest or possession, without manipulation or aggression, without control or pain. To simply love, as it is, the moment. To feel the magic of loving without interest.

To simply love.

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