Listen to your body, it’s wise and a good messenger

Mindfulness to listen to your body.

Listen to your body with mindfulness

Actually, the speed with which everything moves, with which everything progresses cause anxiety and depression, headaches and demotivation.

We are not able to follow the instantaneous movement of technology, and it’s normal. We were never being designed for that.

Our brain is not capable to receive all the information we can see in a day and holding it back. That is why more and more people are forgetting things. 

We walk running, we eat at full speed, we sleep thinking, we live looking for more. More and more. We want more money, more objects, more food… We are not aware of what we eat, and we elaborate enormous dishes with pre-cooked or refined products, with lots of salt and sugar additives.

However, your health depends, considerably, on the food you eat. The basic needs of the human must be respected and covered with love and conscience.

To live a happy life, full of joy and conscience, meaning and wealth, it’s essential to eat naturally and practice spiritual cooking.

Listen to your body when you go to eat
  • Cook according to what your body is claiming at the moment: This principle that seems logical but that many people omit is very important when you are going to cook. Before beginning any culinary task, stop for a moment, breathe and listen to your body. Are you hungry? Or would you be content with a frugal meal? Would you like something sweet or salty? Hot or warm? Fresh or cooked? Here are some questions you can ask before you start. They will guide you through the whole process and help you prevent overweight.
  • Be flexible: Does your refrigerator not contain the ingredients you need to make that dish that you fancy? Nothing happens. You can innovate and on the basis of the desired dish, combine new foods. Your intuition will help you create something quite similar.
  • Be aware: When it comes to cooking, it’s important to be aware of the present moment. Understand that everything you are using allows you to achieve your goals and that without it nothing of all that would be possible. Understand that the same object might not be there and yet it is. Value it and bless it. Use it with love and affection. Before, people had to be content with the food that the time and the land offered. Now you have everything at your disposal. The least thing is to give him a little blessing.

Listen to your body: conscious eating

  • Be kind: Choose foods that don’t give you remorse. Many times we buy products full of harmful additions for our body. We open them, we eat, and when it’s over, a wave of remorse and guilt overtakes us. Why do I feel this way? Why do I insult myself, I treat myself with contempt, I don’t feel good about my body? Probably the reason is in your decision. My advice is that when you go shopping, you choose natural products, fresh and earth foods. Fill your basket with color, flavor, fruit and vegetable varieties. Swelling, indigestion, constipation, depression, guilt, anxiety and many other things will be diluted.
  • Take your time: Do each step with attention and care. Savor every mouthful with affection and love. Feel the muscles of your mouth move. Digestion begins in the mouth, and proper absorption of minerals and vitamins depends on your chewing. Try to stop thinking and simply concentrate on chewing. Life has given flavor to food so that we can enjoy it, why despise this nice gift?
  • Breathe: breathing is an ephemeral, fragile movement that sustains our entire life. We can be aware of it and practice as often as possible conscious and attentive breathing. It allows us to relax and reconnect with the moment. It helps us to be aware of our stomach, which many times is already pleased, but as we don’t listen it, we fill until overload.

Listen to your body with love and silence

  • Silence and tranquility: one of the most important things is to surround yourself with silence and calmness, nature and beauty. This allows us to synchronize with the natural breath of life, soothe our senses and concentrate on the present. Sometimes it’s complicated, because silence has become a real luxury. Nothing happens. Little by little, if you strive to bring your attention to ingestion, everything around you will be appeased.
  • Thanks every encounter with food: gratitude is essential to live a life full of happiness. Stop taking the permanent availability of the food as something safe and obvious, because the mere fact of having it in front implies a multitude of passages and changes that make of it an authentic miracle. Each piece of fruit, each vegetable, each small seed has specific properties that ensure certain functions in your body, and nourish it with life and joy. If you decide to opt for a plant-based diet, or you introduce more and more earthly foods into your diet, you will notice how your mind clears up, your memory improves, your body lightens, your soul purifies itself.

We are mortal beings, with a body that awaits a millennial and universal wisdom that we can consider and listen to. Let’s not punish him, let’s take care of him; don’t mistreat him, love him. The body is the vehicle that allows us to experience life, don’t waste this opportunity. Be love and kindness.

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