Real intimacy reveals you the truth

Work in your intimacy to know the truth and free yourself from your cravings.

The intimacy to know the truth

We are currently focused on doing. We are beings who only seek pleasure.

And it is normal. We are all attracted to things that please us. The soft murmur of the waves calms our ears. The sweet taste of an apple delights our taste with freshness.

When we feel pleasure all our senses are pleased. Our emotions are comfortable, our thoughts acceptable. We feel strong and brave. Life runs through our veins like the stream of a mountain after the snow.

We must value those moments, and understand our feelings. Why do I feel that energy overflowing all over my body? How can I keep it for a long time?

Because, suddenly, sometimes, from the gardens of Eden, we fall into the dark depths of terror, into the deep seas of horror.

And then countless negative thoughts come, our fears are exacerbated, our emotions are altered. We have ceased to be those gods full of power, and we have become slaves bitter for pleasure.

Because pleasure is something ephemeral, ethereal, on many occasions it seems even selective. If we stop to think for a moment that we sacrifice all our energy in going after something that is perishable and brief by nature, something changes within us. We have glimpsed reality: going in search of pleasure only leads us to suffer more stress. To act for interest.

For our wise and eternal consciousness penetrates our lives and show us all lies, for our being can see without the veil of interest, it’s very intelligent to work our intimacy. Go after the truth.

Intimacy is to establish a close relationship with your inner being. It’s connecting with that part of you that by being invisible, many believe it doesn’t exist. Because that’s where the truth comes from. You will always take a lesson from your fears. Your interests will help to understand you. Your anger will be your mentor. And your being, your most faithful friend.

Intimacy is creating a space within yourself for self-observation and contemplation. It’s to see what happens, without judging or opining, with love and honesty. It requires time, patience and a strong will. At first it will seem a rough and complicated, confusing and wild way. Because you have never walked by it. But it’s just a matter of getting started and every time it will become clearer.

Work your intimacy for knowing you more

Uncovering your fears in the light of consciousness is a very satisfying and liberating way of intimacy with yourself. Try to understand your fears, see in these feelings, facts of your past teaches you to observe with a more distant eye. To contemplate you with more kindness and less disaster.

Because everything you think now is a heap of past events. Of conventions and lessons.

Intimacy is to establish a permanent relationship with the present moment.

It is to reconnect with that being of love that is within us.

To become familiar with the pure innocence of life, which wise and mature, unveils a deeper reality.

It’s feeling that you realize yourself each moment. It’s perceive an overflowing confidence.

Because when you uncover all your fears and you see that you are not that, you free yourself from a great weight. Light, without conditioning baggage and with a love for the moment, you walk along the path of life, which is only love and joy.

Intimacy is the key to truth. A very liberating way of life.

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