Fly around the world, read exciting stories about travels, discover surprising places. Dream with wild and natural destinations and test vegetable flavors. A travel is the ideal occasion to fly, to learn and to grow. Exploring the world around us represents one of our duties on Earth. The inner journeys, through our body and our mind, bring us wisdom and intelligence, security and confidence, serenity and temperance. Exploring our sensations, understanding our reactions, observing our thoughts and listening our body, is capital to love and respect us. Our inner travel fosters self-esteem, generates self-pity, and develops empathy.  The outer journeys are essential to understand the other part of life. Travel around the world opens your mind, teaches you tolerance, equality and fraternity. It places you face of the unknown, the uncertainty and the ignorance. It shows you different lifestyles, different cultures. It tells you exciting stories, dazzles you with spectacular landscapes. Travel is not selective, travel is to leave your comfort zone, change your routine from time to time, is to live in different places, experience new moments,  meet unknown people.  Trip occur every day, at every moment. You simply have to consider life as a constant journey, as and endless story, as an uncertain adventure, and as an endearing joke. 

Wander aimlessly through the picturesque neighborhood of Trastevere and taste its vegan pastas.

trastevere and tiber island

Trastevere it’s the most emblematic and crowded neighborhood of Rome. Its labyrinthine line of narrow streets and alleys, of tight terraces and cheerful squares, make up its peculiar charm. Between stone walls, and by cobblestone avenues, they stroll, engrossed, the passengers.