Discover the most beautiful corners of Italy. Savour the healthiest and kindness vegetable pasta, in the country of far niente. Italy is the country of pleasure. The personification of natural hedonism, the metaphor of real beauty. It abounds vegetation, fun and relaxation. It's a complete and colorful country. From the Middle Ages. New. It possesses the Eternal city, archaic and imperialist. It has the capital of fashion, of design and avant-garde. The most authentic, sunny and hospitable villages. The most exclusive, select and exquisite coast. It's a country of contrasts, colors and good smells. With charming corners and stunning landscapes. Italy is pure pleasure. Authentic delectation. With singing voices, its inhabitants are warm, hospitable and close. Its gastronomy is succulent and eclectic. Through its streets you feel the Mediterranean heat, the Italian love. You delight yourself with culinary fragances, and with the most emblematic monuments. You dream of other lives, wandering thought old streets.

Wander aimlessly through the picturesque neighborhood of Trastevere and taste its vegan pastas.

trastevere and tiber island

Trastevere it’s the most emblematic and crowded neighborhood of Rome. Its labyrinthine line of narrow streets and alleys, of tight terraces and cheerful squares, make up its peculiar charm. Between stone walls, and by cobblestone avenues, they stroll, engrossed, the passengers.