Discover the benefits of a slow, quiet, healthy and friendly lifestyle.  Lifestyle includes your whole existence. It influences your state of mind,  your physical body, and your mental structures. Every tiny thing has a small impact on life, and therefore, on your being. Working to achieve a serene and balanced, rewarding and satisfying, interesting and benevolent life, is wise and intelligent. A leisurely, contemplative, meditative and sensitive lifestyle anchors you in the present and leads you to intense life. Participate in it will, gradually, calm the disturbance of your mind, the celerity of your thoughts, the incoherence of your opinions.  By practicing the mindfulness, and acting with love and compassion towards your own being and everything around you, you will be able to settle in a new and changing, deep and invigorating lifestyle. You will be able to make of the present, of every moment, your home and field of exploration, your house and scene of contemplation. 

Discover what is the ego: an “I” of illusion.

What is the ego

Sometimes we wonder who we are. What are we doing here. What role should we play in our society. What we want. What are we looking for. And we quickly respond: we are this or that, we belong to this social group or to that one, we were born in this country or in the other one, in such year or another … And the ego has reappeared.