Explore the universe of mindful eating, discover its healing wonders, and enjoy the feeding world. The feeding is something inherent to us. We depend on it, we live with it, and we are one with it. The human body needs nutrients and vitamins to display all its intelligence and wisdom, all its goodness and compassion, all its mastery and art. We have received from life a physical miracle that nobody would be able to emulate, by its perfect nature: the human body. A loyal ally throughout our brief but intense stay in the earth. That we must care and pamper, nourish and protect. Vegan feeding is a healthy option for the body. Respectful to the universe. Incorporate it into your lifestyle, is to nourish yourself with life. With positive energy, and natural freshness. It's to bless the miracles of nature, feeding with the goodness of the cosmos.  Combined with the practice of mindful eating, eating becomes an authentic ritual. In a sacred ceremony. In a unique moment, full of taste and gratitude, respect and humility, energy and complicity. Of union with life. 

Take care of your well being with this healthy broccoli salad with sweet potato hummus.

Healthy broccoli salad with hummus

Crunchy. Tasty. Eclectic. Refreshing. Satiating. Colorful. Sustainable. Healthy.

The healthy broccoli salad with sweet potato hummus is a natural medicine, which cleanses the organism, and beautifies the body. A vegan alternative with all the nutrients necessary to eat properly and healthy, in a respectful and pleasant way.

Mindful eating: the natural path to personal well-being.

What does mindful eating represent for me?

mindful eating ant its benefits

I recently had the occasion to read a book titled “Savor”. It’s not coincidence if this blog retakes the same concept to create one of its axes. It tries to honor with humility and great admiration the idea developed throughout its pages: the incommensurable wonders of the mindful eating. New concepts developed with care by wise people.