Explore the universe of mindful eating, discover its healing wonders, and enjoy the feeding world. The feeding is something inherent to us. We depend on it, we live with it, and we are one with it. The human body needs nutrients and vitamins to display all its intelligence and wisdom, all its goodness and compassion, all its mastery and art. We have received from life a physical miracle that nobody would be able to emulate, by its perfect nature: the human body. A loyal ally throughout our brief but intense stay in the earth. That we must care and pamper, nourish and protect. Vegan feeding is a healthy option for the body. Respectful to the universe. Incorporate it into your lifestyle, is to nourish yourself with life. With positive energy, and natural freshness. It's to bless the miracles of nature, feeding with the goodness of the cosmos.  Combined with the practice of mindful eating, eating becomes an authentic ritual. In a sacred ceremony. In a unique moment, full of taste and gratitude, respect and humility, energy and complicity. Of union with life. 

Enjoy eating healthy: quinoa gnocchi with avocado and macadamia pesto sauce.

Avocado and macadamia pesto sauce

In order to achieve fullness and integral well-being, the human must take care of all the food he eats, all the thoughts he has, all the emotions he feels. Being aware of every living thing, visible or invisible, is important to reconnect with primitive joy. That creates and harmonizes everything.

Discover the salty sweet taste of this hyperproteic vegan salad. 

Hyperproteic vegan salad recipe

Cooking this hyperproteic vegan salad is reinventing yourself.

It combines the sweetness of ripe figs with the salty and homey touch of lentils and the sophisticated, irreverent taste of Japanese seaweed.

It is to feed your body with a large dose of protein, with an infinity of minerals and numerous vitamins. It is to feed on the earth, that generous and kind, offers us its treasures.

Make a vegan avocado smoothie bowl with mindfulness.

Avocado smoothie bowl

Our body is worthy of reverence. An extraordinary mechanism, full of wisdom.

It’s the most precious treasure, a gift that nature has given us.

With him we can do wonders. Thank to life for all she offers

Take the body into consideration and treat it with love is indispensable to live a deep and peaceful life, full of joy and happiness.