Be free by accepting the now

Be free living the present: leave the past behind, and don’t look to the future.

Be free and live the life

The most elemental and pure liberty are achieved by abandoning the I. By accepting the now.

We have learned to desire, to love and to reject. To look for our own interests, to live apart, as parishioners. We have created, around pleasure and power, an aura of pain and aspiration that binds us and assaults us. We have become slaves of our desiresservants of our dreams.

By rejecting the moment, by avoiding pain, by fleeing from uncertainty and belittling confusion, by not accepting the moment, we have separated ourselves from life. We have built robust barriers that deny the existence.

We believe that to be free, we have to represent an image, live in wealth, belong to a collective. We forget the present, to live in the future, or to remember the past. We avoid life and its unshakable power, present in everything and arising from the union, to live apart, separated from each other.

However, you can be free, now. At this very moment. Stop doing, to simply be. Accepting, compassionately and openly, the present. Without criticizing or replying, without commenting or judging, without escaping or running, simply watching, breathing and appreciating.

Being free doesn’t bring you material wealth, doesn’t provide you with privileged status, or brings with it an ocean of followers. Being free gives you peace, serenity and stillness. It overwhelms you with an invisible, purely interior energy, which arises from the true reality, from the secret source of Life, from the constellation One of the Universe. It surrounds you with mysticism. It feeds you with love.

Be free with mindfulness: start to love life

In order to be free, you must learn to be humble, to be resigned. You must undertake an inner journey, which helps you to know your origin, teach you to listen to your instinct, and allow you to feel with the heart. You must give up everything, and focus your attention on the present moment. To observe without opining, to contemplate without belittling, to see without praising.

Getting settled in the now, regardless of external circumstances, or favoring personal thoughts, puts you in an interesting position. In an uncertain and confused place, which gradually becomes clear and familiar. It’s the eternity One, the imperishable void, that has never been born and will never die. It’s the natural and creative energy of life, the universal power of the entire cosmos.

In that place, there is only peace and love, joy and trust, security and serenity. Accept what is. Be what it is. You have always been and always will be. You will never stop being.

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