Avocado pesto sauce

Avocado pesto sauce: an unctuous, tropical and vegan variant of the traditional pesto.

avocado pesto sauce vegan

In my daily vegan diet never lacks avocado, a tropical fruit full of goodness, with a mild flavor and creamy texture. Alone, with vegetables, accompanied by dried fruits and nuts, in a smoothie or pesto sauce.

Yes, in pesto sauce. The texture and voluptuousness of this green fruit make it a great, very healthy and completely vegan alternative of the ubiquitous Italian pesto sauce.

avocado pesto sauce vegan alternative

¿Its benefits? Too many. The avocado is a fruit full of benefits and bounties. But if you also add to it basil, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil, it becomes a real healing treasure. A true magic potion.

Due of its high content of vitamin E, avocado pesto revitalizes and softens the skin. It moisturizes, and beautifies the hair. 

Together with its healthy fats, this vitamin takes care of the heart. It strengthens immune system, and purifies blood vessels, eliminating possible residues of malignant cholesterol.

Full of minerals, and possessing Omega 3, this vegetal cream nourishes the nervous system. It protects the health of the brain, improving, in turn, the concentration and the memory.

Is, definitely, an ideal solution for :

  • purify and hidrate the organism,
  • regenerate and soften tissue damages by free radicals and environmental toxins,
  • provide natural energy, in a healthy way,
  • improve memory and concentration,
  • sate the appetite.

avocado pesto sauce in a whole wheat vegan pasta salad

I really like to accompany whole wheat pasta with this unctuous avocado pesto sauce. With walnut pieces, small balls of vegan mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil leaves, the end result is, at the least, exquisite.

A mild and tasty delight for the palate. A magic cure for the eternity. A vegan alternative for the body.

While I eat this delicious delicacy, I practice the mindful eating. I meditate about benefits and bounties, which in turn, are taking place inside my body:

 “By chewing, savoring and swallowing this avocado pesto, I soften my skin, hydrate my hair, protect my heart and, I purify my organism. I respect the environment, I the protect animal life and I feed myself with nature treasures ”.

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