About me

About me and DreamndFly

DreamndFly borns of the love of a young girl by nature, of the curiosity of a woman for foreign cultures, of the affection and respect of a daughter by her body and soul.

DreamndFly borns with the intention to reflect the multiculturalism of this vast world, to show the wonders of nature and to highlight its bounty.

DreamndFly borns from a deep and primal need, it’s conceived as a personal and experiential journal, and wants to bring optimism, transmit positive energy and relate beautiful episodes about the greatest treasure of the human being: life.

During your readings, you will note that the thinking mind that writes, is akin to specific concepts such as: spirituality, mindfulness and veganism.

It doesn’t pretend to restrict and enclose, it just wants to contribute with its small grain of sand and improve a little bit more the wonderful world that surround us. Not meant to offend or accuse.

It’s conceived from the love and affection,from the compassion and comprehension: only wants to reflect another way of life, more calm and unhurried, more serene and peaceful.